Non-Greasy Sea Salt Scrub "Recipe"

I love salt scrubs but have felt they are always too greasy. I thought I would share this “recipe” with you that is moisturizing, but not too oily.


  • Salt (Pictured is “Pure Sea Salt” from Costco)

  • Olive Oil (Pictured is Organic Olive Oil from Trader Joes)

  • Essential Oil(s) of your choice (I love Plant Therapy)

  • Glass jar (Pictured is from Target)

  • Twine and small label (Amazon has lots of twine and label was designed by yours truly)


  • Fill a small bowl approximately half full with salt

  • Drizzle in a small amount of olive oil. Stir. The consistency should be light and fluffy. I added too much oil on my initial drizzle and had to add more salt to make it light a fluffy (pictured)

  • Add 2-3 drops of essential oil of your choice, if desired (see below)*

  • Stir, add to small jar with spoon

  • Enjoy!

* Disclaimer 😊 : I am not a dermatologist so make/use “at your own risk”. Plant Therapy has a lot of resources and information on essential oils ✨

Yard Clippings Garland

All you need:

  • About 10 minutes

  • Clippers

  • Any bush or tree that could use a trim

  • Gardening Wire

All this garland is made up of is six clippings that I used garden wire to attach to each other. After looking at the pictures I might make it fuller next time, but can’t argue with a 10 minute time investment!

Simple Beauty

🌾 Look around you to see the beauty in the simplest of things. 🌾

Christmas Decorating Without the Letdown

Does anyone else feel sad after all the Christmas decorations come down? I don’t know if that can completely ever be done away with. However, I think last year I discovered the secret.

Pretty much literally all I did was buy some greenery at Costco, and hung it. I already have twinkle lights up all year round (which helps negate some of the let down!). So literally, all I had to do come January, was take the crispy greens out to the landscape bin!

Another advantage? I didn’t have to dust and repackage a bunch of stuff, taking up space in my closet (which lets be honest, is really draining).


Backyard Beauty

Fall decor is not too far away, perhaps in our own backyard! I got these after trimming a tree. 🍁


  • Doesn’t cost anything

  • Can put in landscaping bin when your done

  • Doesn’t take up closet space!


With so much chaos and unsettling headlines in the news, I wanted to post some peaceful images. I hope you can find some time for rest in your life, which may mean disconnecting from social media and news sources. It is good to be informed, but information overload can also bring us down.

I’ve really tried to cut back on my social media usage lately. I love seeing the photos my friends and family post. But really, a 5-10 minutes a day is enough. It so easy to pick up our “screens”, but sometimes it is more fulfilling to pick up a book or magazine. In fact, I think I’ll go do that right now :)

Starting (or Restarting) a New Beginning

I love macrophotography. I have a whole folder full of close up, “textural” type shots. I was running through them and found a few of what would look to most like ugly dead weeds. But these seemingly dead plants are full of life.

A while ago, I read an interview of a successful entrepreneur. She stated that her biggest regret is that she didn’t start sooner. She thought everything had to be perfect before she launched her business. Her advice was to just get going and put yourself out there, even if you don’t feel quite ready. You’ll see what you need to touch up and tweak as you go on.

So whatever it is, go for it! I know in the past I’ve felt like I can’t start something before it is perfect (classic type-A personality!).