🌾 The seedpods are from the flowers pictured, which were grown in our garden! 🌾

Thoughts on Artwork and Decor

When we first moved into our disaster foreclosed fixer upper, I was determined to make it feel like home. My solution was to buy as many Aaron Brothers frames with my 40% off coupons as possible. Then fill with photographs, many of which were of family, friends etc. — which don’t get me wrong can have their place.

But I think there is something to be said for limiting visual chaos. Of course we love our family and friends, but *with love* we do see plenty of pictures of them on Instagram and Facebook. Consider your home to be a visual break from the constant stream of imagery feeding your senses on social media. What I have done now, is chosen a. few portrait style photographs for areas such as a study, bathroom vanity, etc.

I slowly found the areas where textural photography was used seemed better decorated. This style provided a more neutral backdrop for decor, and could be easily switched out for the changing seasons.

I’ve shown a couple examples in these galleries showing the fun I’ve had making bouquets that coordinate with the photography. When these pictures were taken, the landscape was transitioning from Spring to Summer — golden grass speckled with a few remaining wildflowers. This is reflected in the bouquets.

These photographs and bouquets are easily switched and updated to reflect the current season. Have fun!