When we first moved to our new home, there were three existing rosemary bushes. We have since removed two because they grew too large for their space. While the remaining bush is probably too large for its home as well, I had to keep it.

Rosemary is a great filler material for bouquets. It also blooms (at least where we live) multiple times a year with little dainty purple flowers. It can be used for cooking, aroma therapy, and just looks pretty.

Rosemary is also being researched for different medicinal purposes. A fellow woman and I were talking about how discouraging it was to see the amount of hair we shed each day. She told me her physician recommended rosemary. This individual would actually go out into her yard, gather rosemary clippings, boil them, then dump the water on her head. She said the results were incredible. I have since tried it myself ( I just use a few drops of Rosemary essential oil mixed with water in a bottle applicator 😉), and I have noticed quite a reduction in my daily hair loss.

I had to share this anecdote as I know so many women have this struggle in common. Please consult with a dermatologist before trying any skin or hair home remedy. For those scientifically inclined or just plain interested, please see the below links to a few research articles I found on Rosemary. Enjoy! 🌱

Early Autumn Decor

For years I started decorating for fall in August (yes a little over the top, I know!). This was partially driven by the fact that I did not feel at home in the area where we lived, and creating a cozy autumn space was a source of comfort.

Since then I have eased back a little, starting at the beginning of September (ha!). Here are some tips for decorating in early fall:

  • Use some fall hues, but muted

  • Keep some greenery in the mix

  • Tie in dried grasses or seedpods from summer


This room took me three years to decorate and went through many “funky” (and I don’t mean that in a good way!) looks.

In hindsight, it is all the texture that pulled it together. Wood carvings, velvet curtains, chunky throws, pillows with finger and knots, and of course - the rug!

The coordinating photography with floral textures adds the finishing touch. These pictures were taken early spring. I switch out photography and floral arrangements with the changing seasons. Right now there are preserved grasses and seed pods in the pictured vases.

A Hummingbird Named Diamond

I’ve posted a sequence of pictures showing from Diamond sitting on her nest through when the babies started flying and growing up a little. They stay in our backyard for about a week, and then start venturing out. Diamond continues to feed them during this time, as the babies learn to eat on their own. If they are hungry, we hear a “chirp” and almost immediately Diamond comes buzzing over the fence to locate them.

We are constantly amazed at how strong these little birds are, often chasing away birds at least five times their size to protect their nest. And the intricacy of the nest is amazing. The outside has stiffer material while the inside is soft and cozy, allowing it to expand as the babies grow.

If we pay attention, there is a whole lot going on in the little world of our backyards. This last winter and spring, a hummingbird has made itself at home on our back porch. She has made two nests in this time. We know it is the same bird, as she has a very distinct diamond marking on her plumage (of course we had to name her Diamond).

Only one of the babies made it out of the nest alive from her first set. Unfortunately, the nest was constantly being attacked by birds from another species.

Both babies from her second brood made it.

Bringing Flowers to Work

Sometimes it’s hard to get back in the rhythm of the work week, especially after a nice weekend. Try bringing in some flowers to work, they can help brighten the transition.

In this gallery are some garden and yard clipping examples - not all arrangements have to look like. professional floral bouquet! Annuals and perennials provide flowers, bushes provide fillers. Just have fun and be creative with what you have.

Your fellow coworkers will appreciate the effort and that extra spot of cheeriness at work. 💐

Stubborn Weed to Beautiful Decor

For almost three years we have had a weed that I could not get rid of. I’ve tried to pull it out, spray it with industrial strength vinegar, you name it. But every year this weed has returned and persisted.

So the last time I went out to pick flowers I decided to embrace it, and picked a few of its’ “flowers”.

Is there something in your life that you’ve been fighting so hard against that perhaps is time to embrace?

Non-Greasy Sea Salt Scrub "Recipe"

I love salt scrubs but have felt they are always too greasy. I thought I would share this “recipe” with you that is moisturizing, but not too oily.


  • Salt (Pictured is “Pure Sea Salt” from Costco)

  • Olive Oil (Pictured is Organic Olive Oil from Trader Joes)

  • Essential Oil(s) of your choice (I love Plant Therapy)

  • Glass jar (Pictured is from Target)

  • Twine and small label (Amazon has lots of twine and label was designed by yours truly)


  • Fill a small bowl approximately half full with salt

  • Drizzle in a small amount of olive oil. Stir. The consistency should be light and fluffy. I added too much oil on my initial drizzle and had to add more salt to make it light a fluffy (pictured)

  • Add 2-3 drops of essential oil of your choice, if desired (see below)*

  • Stir, add to small jar with spoon

  • Enjoy!

* Disclaimer 😊 : I am not a dermatologist so make/use “at your own risk”. Plant Therapy has a lot of resources and information on essential oils ✨

Christmas Decorating Without the Letdown

Does anyone else feel sad after all the Christmas decorations come down? I don’t know if that can completely ever be done away with. However, I think last year I discovered the secret.

All I did was buy some greenery at Costco, and hung it. I already have twinkle lights up all year round (which helps negate some of the let down). Come January, the only clean up was take the crispy greens out to the landscape bin!.

Another advantage? I didn’t have to dust and repackage a bunch of stuff, taking up space in the closet.


Starting a New Beginning

I love macrophotography. I have a whole folder full of close up, “textural” type shots. I was running through them and found a few of what would look to most like ugly dead weeds. But these seemingly dead plants are full of life and new beginnings.

A while ago, I read an interview of a successful entrepreneur. She stated that her biggest regret is that she didn’t begin sooner. She thought everything had to be perfect before she launched her business. Her advice was to just get going and put yourself out there, even if you don’t feel quite ready. You’ll see what you need to touch up and tweak as you begin to move forward.